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10,000+ of The World's Brightest Minds in Technology

The Summit is a global gathering of the world's leading thinkers and doers in technology. It's not just a gathering of the planet's leading startups and technology companies, but of businesses, large and small, who are being impacted by new technologies. This year over 10,000 attendees will make the trip from all corners of the globe to hear from over 300 speakers across dozens of stages, workshops and roundtables catered to every sector.


Learn the secrets behind the world's most innovative companies

This year’s Summit will have more than 350 speakers, from the world's leading founders, investors and CEOs to inventors, designers and thinkers. Take a look at our speaker's page for a taste of what to expect

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The world's leading tech companies + YOU

Some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies will be exhibiting at the Summit, demonstrating their latest technologies, products and services. The Summit is not just an opportunity for you to learn from the best, but to meet with them and the many thousands of attendees from around the world.

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A who’s who of the world’s most innovative companies

Web Summit is built for networking. You’ll get the opportunity to meet the most innovative and disruptive companies, the most prolific investors and the world’s leading media all in one place.


They're some of the most successful startups in the world. They come for a reason

Vine attended, so did Stripe. As did Waze. Did we mention Coursera? What about Uber? These are the type of CEO's who don't take holidays. They come for a reason. They dreamt big, and now they are. They've always been hungry to meet potential partners, board members, investors, journalists and more. What about you?

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Hotel Alert

Our recommended hotels have already sold out

Dublin largest five star hotel the Shelbourne has sold out, along with Dublin's hippest boutique hotel, Kelly's. As has La Stampa, the Gibson, and many more. Last year there was a shortage of hotels within a reasonable distance of the Summit venue. This year, given the growth of the Summit, we're doing what we can to recommend and manage hotels for our attendees. Please refer to our accommodation guide for details.

  • La Stampa

    La Stampa Hotel

  • The Shelbourne Hotel

    The Shelbourne Hotel

  • Kelly's Hotel

    Kelly's Hotel

This year’s event will host more than 350 speakers, from founders, investors and CEOs to inventors, designers and thinkers

October 30th & 31st 2013

RDS Main Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

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