Web Summit Stage Schedules: All the Details

October 27, 2014 by Meadhbh Whelan

Just one week until Web Summit 2014 kicks off. See who’s speaking here.


We want everyone at Web Summit 2014 to always be where they want to be exactly when they want to be there. Here are detailed calendars for each Web Summit stage along with a way to add the stage calendars to your own personal Google calendar. You can add these calendars to your own Google calendar by entering the stage ID into the ‘add a colleague’s calendar’ box in the to ‘other calendars’ section of the Google Calendar app as shown below.


Here are each of the Stages’ calendars along with the ID to use when adding to your own calendar.

Centre Stage

ID: websummit.net_bp5v48u9o448gflo887dnu3870@group.calendar.google.com

Digital Marketing Stage

ID: websummit.net_hcvqncho72s8jouhnfprli15ac@group.calendar.google.com

Enterprise Stage

ID: websummit.net_te01uodnvj9tinp8q9gu7aim54@group.calendar.google.com

Builders’ Stage

ID: websummit.net_22h5m107r5m64ddvrohmmenek0@group.calendar.google.com

Music Stage

ID: websummit.net_mikpcd4a0s23r19o9hpnreecg8@group.calendar.google.com

Food Stage

ID: websummit.net_l0oig1lidu9ettpoapejf1jcrg@group.calendar.google.com

Machine Stage

ID: websummit.net_ie6qnhup80v88ivegk67au1a0g@group.calendar.google.com

Sports Stage

ID: websummit.net_eug2v3o8dmhdikkicbbbtmpbs0@group.calendar.google.com

Library Stage

ID: websummit.net_pmqfthiumbs63goj62apejabio@group.calendar.google.com

With so much going on, Web Summit can seem like a daunting challenge. Learn from the experts how to get the most out of Web Summit 2014. Watch our  Hangout with Alex Hawkinson & David Tisch live at 6pm (Irish time), October 30th.

Have a look at the dozens of venues that will be hosting Web Summit 2014 Pub Crawls.

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